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Dermacolour Information

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Dermacolour Info

Dermacolour Info

The Dermacolour camoflage system is designed to correct skin disfigurements, or discolorations, wether they are of accidental, dermatological, surgical, or congenital origin. Its can also be used to Camoflage Tattoos.

To Use:

1. Apply Dermacolour cleansing Lotion with cotton pads to the area to be camoflaged.

2. If required moisturize the area with cream effective

3. Choose a shade or shades from those available ( if your not sure order a tester pallette). remember all shades are intermixable. Allow for subtle skin shade changes due to the sun etc and 2-3 shades may be required, and there may be a suitable pallette.

4. Apply dermacolour camoflage creme thain and evenly with a sponge or fingers until approx 2cm past the edge of the area . fade away the edges with a dry sponge or brush. It may be neccersary to dampen the sponge during application.

5.To achieve a natural camoflage effect proper highlighting and shading is required. D32 is your rouge colour.

6. Apply gently and blend in the choice of cream from the cheek bone fading away to the temple. Eyebrows, and the male beard, moustache areas can be shade with D40 or other comparable dark colours in your pallette.

7. Once satisfied that the dermacolour creme has been applied correctly, apply Dermacolour fixing powder with a powder puff, or fixing spray. Application of the powder liberally is a must for weatherproofing.

8. Under special circumstances should the skin have uneven surfaces or scars, these can be smoothed over with skin plastic.

9. If desired a dry make up can be applied over the treated areas.

10. Touch up should not be necessary as it should last for a full day.

11. For a final cleanse use Dermacolour Cleansing Lotion with cotton pads.

Hiding Tattoos

Instructions for covering Tattoos with the
Dermacolor Camouflage system.

1.Ensure skin is clean, and free of oil ( do not use a moisturiser under the Dermacolor, it will destabilise and thin the cream)

2.Because of the strong colours especially black in tattoos it is first necessary to colour correct the tattoo. Dermacolor D32 is the red corrector colour. Apply D32 to the black areas and the powder with dermacolor powder P1. If your tattoo has a lot of red - hearts, roses etc then you will need to use green as the colour corrector

3.Leave powder to dry for 10 mins before gently removing excess with a brush.

4.To match your skin tone, you may need to blend several shades, this may take time, be patient and try to work in daylight. Apply your chosen skin tone over the tattoo with a sponge using a stippling action. Do not rub or drag as this will pick up the corrector colour. Blend edges of make up into the skin.

5.Finally powder with P1 powder. Leave powder to set for 10 minutes before brushing off.

Please remember tattoos can be very difficult to cover. Depending upon the density it is possible they may start to appear through the cream after a few hours. So if covering for a wedding or other large occasion apply cream as late as possible.

The Purpose of the Powder is to fix the make up, and make it water resistant. As an alternative especially for the summer there is the fixer spray with the added advantage of factor 25 protection. If this is for a short time one off occasion a general powder can be used, however it's not ideal and doesn't make the make water resistant.

If you need any more information or help contact us and we will try our best to help.

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Skin Plastic

Instructions for the application of skin Plastic.

1. Ensure skin is clean, and free of oil (do not use a moisturiser ).

2. Warm some wax up in the palm of your hand with a palette knife so that it becomes pliable.

3. Press into area to be filled and smooth off with palette knife, leaving to cool and set.

4. This can now be covered with Dermacolour foundation / camouflage cream / body cover in the normal way.

5. For large areas, or for extra peace of mind use spirit gum to hold skin plastic in place.

6. Remember to smile when looking in mirror, your looking good.

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